Ronnie Stretch

designer. songwriter. family man. geek.

A friend once said to me that you are no-one till your name turns up on a Google search

Well for me that's a good enough reason to do your own site if ever I heard one! Another good reason is to show off my musical talents and to promote my songs. And my design. And just to show off.

Family man

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A thirty something, happily married, father of twin-boys, I have a healthly love for life. My boys keep me laughing, my wife keeps me loved up and my work keeps me sane. I work at The Craft — a top-notch strategic consultancy in the leafy village of Charlbury in Oxfordshire.


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Music has always been a passion of mine, and has always been part of my life. After learning the guitar in my mid-twenties I began combining my love of singing and music with my love of poetry and started writing songs. My friend Andy at MMO recorded some of my songs for me.


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Art has always been there. From my crayon drawings on my bedroom door, to the websites, emails and printed stuff that I do now. My design is often compact, often technically advanced, often including photos that I’ve taken, but is nearly always of a high standard.

Geek and other short stories

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From building my own computers, to Star Wars, Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory — you could say that I’m a bit of a geek… ok, you could say that I’m A LOT of a geek. But you know what? I just dont care! Geeks are cool, right?